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Together, we'll shape your road to success!

Coach Geri's fitness odyssey ignited in high school, fueled by an innate love for sports and relentless curiosity about the human body and the pivotal role of nutrition in well-being. Now in her 50s, she embodies the astounding influence of lifestyle choices, outperforming her 30s and firmly advocating that aging is inevitable, but how you age is a personal choice.

As the oldest IFBB Bikini Pro to grace Olympia and a 47-year-old invitee to the prestigious Arnold Classic Australia, Coach Geri's journey is marked by incredible feats. Her fascination with age management deepened with each passing decade, driving her to explore health optimization as the years unfold. Beyond her fitness accolades, Geri treasures family and community, savoring cherished moments with loved ones and embracing every opportunity to RESET and live life to the fullest. Her journey is a vibrant testament to the limitless possibilities of a well-lived life.

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Coach Geri

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